Agἀpe, Sweet Agἀpe



It’s what the world needs now. And . . . it is for everyone.
When you plug in the Greek word, “agápe”, in place of “love”, the popular song from the ’60’s takes on a truer meaning to the context of the lyrics. “What the World Needs Now is Love” transcends us to a higher, finer state of what love can be for us. The Greeks were insightful enough to give us more than one word for love. Agápe means the love of God for humanity, as well as humanity’s love for God. Unconditional. Powerful. Consuming. Creative. Infinite.

Without asking for it, I have experienced this great grace of agápe. When I wake up in the morning, occasionally there is this immeasurable comfort of great love waiting for me. I did nothing to deserve it. I had not offered a particular prayer, nor did I have any dreams. I embrace this love. It is a divine moment out of time and place. It fills me, washes over me, carries me into my day. I want to share this with everyone. I can’t speak of it – not really. I mentally gather up the love, and with open hands, blow it into every direction, just like a kiss.

I have found a touchpoint that links me into this higher state of grace. Nature. I sit on my back deck and watch the birds. When I focus on a particular bird, I open my heart to feel love for its “birdness”. Within the moment, my heart opens wide and the power of agápe fills me.

There are other means with which to fill yourself with agápe. First, you must release negativity and calm the monkey-chatter part of your mind. Make room for God’s love. Also be willing to receive the love. Say a prayer. A mantra. A poem. Meditate. Sing a spiritual song. Focus on nature or a loved one’s face. There are so many ways.

December, with the start of winter, is the high time of agápe. If only we could slow down and tap into the agápe that is a bit heightened in its accessibility this time of year. Turn the pace down on the shopping, the parties, the technology, the busy-ness. Take time for the stillness and go inside your heart and tap into the quiet place where God resides. It doesn’t matter what religion you celebrate, or don’t. God only wants you to know how deeply, divinely, unconditionally you are loved.


Many religions celebrate important holy days that can help us find the light and love within each of us in this darkest of months. Here are a few examples:
For the pagans — it’s the return of the sun.
For the Christians — it’s the birth of the son.
For the Jewish faith — it’s the endurance of the light of Hanukkah.
For Buddhists — it’s the Buddha’s Day of Enlightenment, also known as Bodhi Day.

Love can change the world. By practicing the presence of divine love within ourselves, we can become ambassadors of agápe.





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