Mystical February



What stirs your heart and fevers your dreams?

Most of us see February in the Northern Hemisphere as another winter month just to be gotten through on our hopeful path to an early spring. How thankful we are that it’s the shortest month of the year.

But wait. February should not be overlooked as we hotfoot it through its twenty eight days, with a pause in the middle for Valentine’s Day. It’s a quietly mystical feminine month, where hidden activity awakens beneath the surface in preparation for new life. The sun rises earlier and sets later almost imperceptibly with each passing day. The trees’ sap begins to stir and rise. Early shoots of green peep up through the soil. February is a turning point as the earth transitions from winter to spring.

Imbolc, an old Celtic festival, which derives its name from the ewe’s first milk for their lambs, was celebrated in honor of the triple goddess, Brigit. The old crone of winter now transforms into the radiant virgin of spring.

The ancient Romans celebrated Februalia, a ritual of purification celebrated around the middle of the month. It was a time of spring washing and cleaning. Februalia is derived from the Latin word, febris , or fever, the purification of sweating when one fevers.

The second day of February brings us Groundhog Day in the United States, and, in the Christian religion, Candlemas, which includes the purification of Mary, Jesus’ first entry into the Temple and his presentation there, where blind Simeon proclaims him to be the Light of the World.

The popular romantic comedy movie, Groundhog Day, is a purification story of a rude, selfish weatherman from Pittsburgh who relives Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney, PA innumerable times on his path to self-realization. It’s a bit like reincarnation. At the end of the movie, the purified man is deemed worthy of his Lady. The couple can now move into a sacred union, where the masculine and feminine are equally honored and revered.

Valentine’s Day brings the high fever of love in the middle of this special month, where purification and preparation for what spring may bring is at its peak, especially if we approach it with intent, awareness and reverence. Friends and especially lovers exchange gifts, flowers, candy and greeting cards. For those without a special Valentine, it can also be a day of deep disappointment and sadness.

Underneath this trick of outward affection, there is a hidden question and action for this early thrust of spring. What is your heart’s stirring desire? Again, I ask you, what fevers your dream? Allow it to speak to you. What seeds must be planted once the ground is readied? What preparation, purification must you do? Your manifested dream feeds the world.

Prepare for your Spring. When you align yourself with the sacred timing of the earth’s seasons and the path of the sun, you tap into universal power. It’s a synergistic union of energies. Dream it. Work it. See it.


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