The Rebels’ Call synopsis9




In this sequel to Rebels from Olympus, to Justus Appleyard, as the half-divine son of Mars, the God of War, it was not all about flying horses and stately goddesses eating chocolates. Destiny. That was what stumbled Justus to give up on everything: his Captain Fortis comic book series, working out, school work, making friends. It was Rosa’s destiny, his sister, to die a young death according to a prediction made by his centaur mentor, Chiron. A comet in the sky. A quick flash of fame and then a sputtering dud of ashes. Kaput. You can shove this destiny thing where the sun doesn’t shine.Justus’ nagging guilt over Madeline’s sad, dark life due to the spell of the Shades of Deception never eased its grip on him. She was the girl of his dreams, and it was all his fault for her ruined existence.

Worry and guilt kidnapped his life.

Three years after the destruction of Indian Lake, Justus is now eighteen and about to graduate from high school. His scheme was to live the life of a drop-out and travel the world. No destiny to fulfill; no plans to be made. He had promised his mother one year of college, and if he decided it wasn’t for him, he would be free to go . . . wherever. It was a small miracle that he was accepted into Mars City College due to his dismal grades, but thanks to an experimental program the college was holding the first semester, his application was accepted.

One day in late May, Rosa is almost run over by a stranger riding a motorcycle. Was it her time to die? Not yet, but the motorcyclist, Mike, in a later encounter with Justus, offers him a summer job at his new motorcycle boutique to repair and restore classic and antique bikes.

An encouraged horizon dawns for Justus. He finds purpose and pleasure in working with his hands on the motorcycles; he makes a new friend and Rosa finds a possible love interest. But, as college approaches, Justus is deceived by a dangerous evil force. Will he succumb? Or, will he answer the rebel’s call?

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