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ganeshHere’s my secret. I’m always looking for elephants. I don’t collect them. I rarely talk about them. There’s not a single elephant photo in my computer files. Yet, I’m constantly expectant that one may appear, like a sign from heaven.

In my very first memory of life in this body, I was trying to see the elephants. As a two-year old confined to my stroller, I was positioned next to my mother as my family watched an elephant act at the local county fair. We were seated in the bleachers at the very top of the stadium. My older brother, sitting on the other side of my mom, kept exclaiming, “Look at the elephants!” I could not see the elephants. There were too many big people and the bottom of the stadium was far, far away. In my two-year old brain, I was pretty sure I was clearly saying, “Where? I can’t see! I want to see, too!” Apparently, my demand was not understood or maybe not heard, because no one helped me to see the elephants. Perhaps they were caught up in the joy of the moment? I gave up and went to sleep.

I’m still looking for the elephants. Now, I make sure that I see them. Why? I think it has something to do with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god who is known as the remover of obstacles and is invoked by poets and writers at the start of a writing project. I have shifted him a little into the role of one of my patron saints, as I’m not Hindu but was raised Catholic. Did some part of me know that I would someday write and self-publish my novels? Maybe. I invoke Ganesh’s help now as I break out into the publishing world with my first novel. Hey, I’ll take whatever help I can get from any religion. God is one, and I choose not to discriminate.

I like to write about the spiritual in life. It shows up in unexpected places, just like the elephants. I especially like to write about teenagers and what happens to them when the spiritual world crosses their path. For instance, how does life change when a Roman goddess moves into the house next door?

Here’s some basic information about me. I have a B.A. degree in Writing. I’ve written advertising copy for department stores, co-owned a retail fabric and custom dressmaking shop with my mom, worked in administration at the local Waldorf school and now write full-time. My husband and I live in a now super-cool, historical neighborhood of Pittsburgh that, not very long ago, was very un-cool. We also have one adult son, of whom we are very proud. My favorite place to be, when not at the computer writing my novels, is anywhere near, on or in water. Preferably with a book in my hand. I hope you enjoy my version of the world!

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