The Zephyr’s Greeting


The end of this week brought the first chilly weather we’ve had in Pittsburgh. Yesterday was grey and somber with the temperature in the 50’s and an occasional spit of rain. It was the kind of day where you rushed from car to work to car to home. I’m just not ready for winter’s approaching bite, and I miss spending my evening’s outside already.

Craving fresh air before I went to bed, I opened the front door to our house. Within seconds, I heard a stir of wind rouse the dry weeds in the empty lot across the street. How odd – it had not been a windy day. Then the breath of wind crossed our street and gently puffed at me. I felt a greeting in the air as it moved around me. The brief zephyr passed, and the neighborhood fell silent again. My spirits were uplifted as I closed our door to the chilled autumn night.

How Nature, God’s creation, yearns to commune with us. Pay attention and respond back.



Ever since three rebellious gods moved in next door, life has never been the same for Justus. His mom plays Twister with a goddess. The secret love of his life kisses him. His evil step-grandmother tries to kill him.

Identity can be a killer in this Young Adult fantasy thriller. Destiny calls.…


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