An Elemental Tune-Up

green man

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us.

— George Washington Carver

As we observe nature and appreciate its beauty and abundant gifts, nature is observing us back. A new-to-me bird showed up in my urban yard this past summer. I felt as though something was watching me. When I turned my head, my eyes met those of a bird who was scrutinizing me. It stayed a few seconds longer and flew away. I was seen by nature, I incredulously thought. After a few more encounters, I had noted enough of its physical details to identify it as a cedar waxwing. Fruit-eating birds, my two apple trees must be a favorite.

When we love nature, nature loves us back. As I attuned to these gentle waxwings, I shifted into the awareness of the elemental beings of nature and was reminded of how they have been mandated by God to love, care and work with humans. There are elemental beings which align and assist with each of our body’s natural processes of breath, metabolism, circulation and body function. Our bodies are made from the same elements of the earth —  air, earth, fire and water. Venture outside, rest in nature and connect with these devoted spirits to help you be at-one-ment with yourself and all of creation around you. It is a very subtle experience, more of a tune-up, but one which augments your own inner wisdom in a deep knowing of what is best for your body.

The four elements and the corresponding elemental beings:

  1. Water — undines

The steady flow of blood and fluids through our circulatory system, feeding our cells with food and oxygen.

2. Fire — salamanders

The body’s metabolism.

3. Air — sylphs

Assists with the breath.

4. Earth — gnomes, fairies, elves, pixies, wood nymphs

The components of bone, muscle, skin, organs, teeth, hair, nails.

There is no right or wrong way to balance, tune up, your body with the guidance of each elemental group. Follow your intuition on how to proceed. First, start with an opening prayer, request or affirmation, whatever your preference, for protection from any negative forces and wisdom in intuiting what needs your body requires. Thank the elementals for all the hard work they put into keeping you, as well as all of nature, in a state of balanced harmony. Ask the elementals to speak to you. It may be in words, but more frequently you will be given images, impressions on what your body may need.

For instance, do you feel as though the fire within you is burning out? Just as fire is a chemical reaction, metabolism can also refer to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in a living organism. Is there something you can do to help? The subtle message from the salamanders may be more rest, more exercise, a certain type of food to add to your diet. Maybe a vacation?

A simple request for aid in physical well-being is enough, too. The elementals will work on you with their subtle energetic magic.

Relax and bask in the love nature has for you.


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