The divine surprised me. As I was cleaning up my garden last autumn, I grumbled about the growing darker days, the cold, long winter ahead, the end to a summer which I did not enjoy as much due to too many rainy days. I walked over to my Peace rose to check out what was literally the last rose of the summer growing season. I was dumbfounded. There was a blooming heart in the center of the rose. My poor words cannot convey the grace I felt in that moment. The image of that rose has carried me through the darkness of winter like few other things could. The divine is always responding to us. Look for it. Be open.



Ever since three rebellious gods moved in next door, life has never been the same for Justus. His mom plays Twister with a goddess. He gets his first kiss with the secret love of his life. His evil step-grandmother tries to kill him.

Identity can be a killer in this Young Adult fantasy thriller. Destiny calls.…

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